Assembly winding machine SR

extended up to a maximum of 40. The model “ SR” has been designed to assembly yarns on packages suitable for the twisting process.

The large diameter drum permits the formation of packages with 2 or more ends at high speed.

Each spindle has its own motor and frequency inverter with included yarn meter counter which stops the take up package at the pre set length.

This enables easy start up and handling, with the advantage of low noise levels and a saving of electricity.

Main features
Most suitable yarn counts 100 Nm to 1 Nm
Max. supply bobbin dimensions D. 300 x 200 mm
Winding speed 0 – 1200 m/min
Yarn traverse 6” / 152 mm 8” / 200 mm 10” / 250 mm
Take-up conicities 0º, 3º30’, 4º20’
Maximum diameter of take up bobbins 300 mm
Electric supply 220/380 V. 3 Ph 50/60 Hz
Power of motors 0,15 Kw each spindle
Equivalent acoustic continuous pressure Leq = 67,2 dB(A)
Installation measurements 200 x 95 x 205 Cm each 4 spindles
Package dimensions 210 X 105 X 185 Cm each 4 spindles
Net, gross weight and volume 200 Kg 290 Kg 4,1 M3 each 4 spindles


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