Cutting table AG

The waterjet allows the cutting of sheets of different materials such as steel, aluminium, iron and marble and especially those that can not suffer high temperature or mechanical stress. Materials such as glass, ceramics, foamed materials, wood or even a combination of these materials.

The cutting machine is of a measurement as per the customer’s needs. Fitted with a portal bridge and a head for pressure water and abrasive.

The portal bridge is mounted on guides and is motorized with two server motors by means of oblique racks made of a single piece. This equipment is also fitted with automatic cleaners to remove the waste material during the cutting process.

The head is fitted with a collision detector. The detector, which in the event of a collision involving the torch, will stop the machine automatically. The re-start must be made manually by the operator, after considering the reasons why the machine stopped originally. The upper part of the table is made with a large number of iron sheets placed on their edge. The length of them is 2 meters which is the standard length of the iron sheets in the market. This configuration allows the replacement of them to be at a reasonable cost.

The control board is independent of the cutting machine. The monitor is 11” TFT type. The software is intuitive type and runs under “WINDOWS” with an industrial P.C. The “nesting” software is also included. The electric wires, water and the compressed air pipes which feed the head, are placed in a flexible duct which gives them the right flexibility and also the necessary protection.

Main features
Range of working measures length from3.000 to 5.000 mm.
wide from 1.000 to 1.500 mm.
Maximum cutting speed 30 m/min.
Movement precision 0,1 mm.
Waterjet system of 4.000 bars
Motorization 4 server motors A.C.
Guides Automatic greasing
Collision detector Included
Control board PC with O.S. WINDOWS
Control and nesting software Included
Dimensions Waterjet cutting - Cutting table AG diagram
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