Machine model HBI11

The machine “HBI 11” has been specially designed for the continuous shrinking of the H.B. acrylic yarns, by means of water steam at 100ºC.

It is a modular machine with 4 spindles, which can be extended up to
a maximum of 40.

The shrinking process can be made on either pre-dyed a fibre yarns, or on raw colour yarns delivered directly on soft dye packages.

In front of the “HBI 11” shrinking machine can be placed winding machine model “S/HB” with manual doffing, or the model “SDA/HB” with automatic doffing to rewind the shrunk yarns.

Each spindle has its own motor and frequency inverter. This enables easy start up and handling, with the advantages of electrical/mechanical simplicity and low cost maintenance.

Main features
Most suitable yarn counts 40 Nm to 2 Nm
Max. supply bobbin dimensions D. 300 x 300 mm
Input speed 0 – 1050 m/min
Shrinking means STEAM
Round of the yarn in the steam chamber 1,9 M
Time inside the steam chamber 12 – 15 – 25 SEG
Steam consumption 2 Kg/h each spindle
Electric supply 220/380 V. 3 Ph 50/60 Hz
Power of motors 0,85 Kw each spindle
Equivalent acoustic continuous pressure Leq = 67,2 dB(A)
Installation measurements 150 x 243 x 204 Cm each 4 spindles
Package dimensions 160 X 225 X 215 Cm each 4 spindles
Net, gross weight and volume 480 Kg 690 Kg 3,8 M3 each 4 spindles