Minicut V

The “Minicut” is a compact machine similar to a drilling machine, and by means of plasma, can cut rectangular metallic bars, square tubes, and any type of metal profile, such as steel, aluminium, iron, etc. The machine is easily controlled from a touch screen panel that has differing pre programmed shapes and cutting angles, drills and many other basic elements.The main advantage over a punching machine, is that the “Minicut” does not need a library of punches and dyes and therefore reduces the preparation time in changing tooling. The diameter of the drills can be chosen via the touch screen, and moreover the plasma does not produce mechanical deformation to the cut material. In comparison to a manual plasma, the advantage is that cutting is made with precision, and at a constant speed, thanks to the simple C.N.C. fitted to the “Minicut”, therefore improving the definition and quality of the final product.
The “Minicut” has a much faster cutting speed of rectangular metallic bars in comparison to a power saw device.
The “Minicut” does not require technical staff back up as it is designed for use as an auxiliary machine in such locations as locksmiths, boilermakers, builders, machinery manufacturers, as well as repair and maintenance workshops.
It also offer flexibility and added value to stored material that can be quickly drilled or cut to customers specific requirements.
Main features
Useful cutting measures 300 x 300 mm.
Movement precision 0’1 mm.
Plasma of 40, 60, 80, 120 Amp.
Motorization 2 server motors A.C.
Control system numeric
Control software included
Cutting speed range from 500 to 15000 mm/min.
Cutting thickness from 1 to 20 mm.
Minimum cutting diameter double the thickness of the material
Working height 1400 mm.
Electrical supply 220 / 380 v. 3 Ph. 50/60 Hz. 0.3 Kw. (plasma not included)
Net and gross weight 306 Kg. 400 Kg.
Package dimensions and volume 80 x 110 x 205 cm. and 1,8 m3.
Equivalent acoustic continuous pressure Leq = 67’2 dB (A)