Minicut V-CNC

MINICUT V – CNC is a small size machine equipped with  CNC that allows to cut any geometric shape.

This machine can cut slabs, perforates square and round tubes and also works on metal girder.

The useful cutting measures are 1000 x 500 mm.

It is equipped with CNC, control software and automatic nesting.

It comes with a library of parametric shapes.

Main features
Useful cutting measures 100X500 mm
Movement precision 0.1 mm
Plasma Air / Air
Drive motors server motors A.C.
Control system CNC ( Numeric )
Control software Included
Cutting speed range Depending of generator and thickness
Cutting thickness Up to 19 mm
Minimum cutting diameter double the thickness of the material
Collision detector Included
Height control Included
Electrical supply 230V Single-phase 50 Hz
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