Tubcut V

The TubCut is a specially designed pipe and ducts cutting machine, based on plasma cutting procedures it is ideal for air ducts fabrication.

It allows working on diameters varying from 80 to 600mm

The preformed pipe direct cutting shows important advantages if compared to flat cutting, as it avoids the risk of no n desired bending and
subsequent welded joints.

Starting from a standard length pipe, caught in the machine support, you can cut all the shapes necessary to make cods, “T” and “U” shapes as well as more special shapes.

The fumes extraction is done from inside the pipe in order to avoid the projection of metal particles onto the internal surfaces.

The Torch Height Control guarantees the constant distance between the torch and the work piece thus ensuring the best cutting quality at all times.

The single support grants easy handling tasks of pipes.

Main features
Useful cutting measures lenght to 1500 m diameter 80 – 600.
Movement precision 0’1 mm.
Drive motors 3 server motors A.C.
Control system CNC (numeric)
Control software included
Collision detector included
Torch hight control included
Electrical supply 220-380Ph. 50/60Hz 2 Kw.
No load speed 15 m/min.
Cutting options
Plasma Air 40, 60 Amp.
Cutting thickness from 0,3 to 3m.
Electrical supply 220 / 380 V. 3 Ph. 50/60 Hz.
Dimensions Plasma Cutting - Tubcut
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