Two-Head Automatic Swaging Machine

Maximum length:1,000 mm Maximum Diameter: 600 mm
Minimum length: 250 mm Diameter Minimum: 80 mm
Maximum length: Unlimited Maximum Diameter: 1.000 mm
Minimum length: 150 mm Diameter Minimum: 80 mm
Thickness: From 0.4 To 1.5 mm
Main features
2 Heads
Rotatory head for particular pieces such as pieces elbow shaped and pieces with big diameters
Top and bottom head axes are always kept parallel in either position opened or closed
Side guides guarantee that the tub diameter will not deform
Quick head approach under vacuum conditions with a adjustable forward speed within the working area
Variable head rotatory speed

Corona system versus Spreading system

  • Tool manufacturing cost is usually lower in corona systems
  • Suitable for short or medium series
  • Wider range of diameters
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