Winder with automatic doffing LPDA

The winder “LPDA” with automatic doffing has been designed to wind measured length cylindrical tubes to be used on feeding creels for looms weaving directly from a creel.
This model does not leave a reserve fail, since the tail is hidden in the central inner part of the tube.
The machine is fitted as standard with a programmable meter counter and electronic yarn break detectors. the machine has the option of a conveyor belt to unload the full cone.
Main features
Most suitable yarn counts 100 NM to 1 NM
Rewinding speed from 0 to 1200 M/MIN
Yarn traverse 5″ y 6″
Take-up conicities
Max. diameter of take up bobbins D.220 MM MAX.
Doffing time 10 SEC
Electric supply 220/380 V. 3 PH 50/60 HZ
Power of each spindle 0,075 Kw
Equivalent acoustic continuous pressure Leq=67’2 db (A)
Net, gross weight and volume 160 X 85 X 215 CM each 4 spindles
Package dimensions 340 KG. 450 KG. 3M3 each 4 spindles