Winder with automatic doffing SDA

The winder “SDA” with automatic doffing is specially useful for winding cones of yarn with the same lenght.

Its main field of activity is in the spinning, dyeing and weaving areas. The basic model is fitted with automatic doffing and includes automatic formation of the yarn reserve, which is fully adjustable.

This machine is fitted with a programmable meter counter and includes electronic yarn break detectors.

The machine has the option of a convenyor belt to unload the full cones.

In addition the model SDA can be used as a take-up winder working in conjuntion with continuous yarn shrinking machines, to compensate the various yarn tensions the machine would be fitted with over feed device.

Main features
Most suitable yarn counts 100 Nm to 1 Nm
Max. supply bobbin dimensions D. 300 x 300 mm
Winding speed 0 – 1200 m/min
Yarn traverse 6” / 152 mm 8” / 200 mm 10” / 250 mm
Take-up conicities 0º, 3º30’, 4º20’, 5º57’
Maximum diameter of take up bobbins 300 mm
Doffing time 10 sec
Stock of take-up cones 5 cones
Electric supply 220/380 V. 3 Ph 50/60 Hz
Power of motors 0,15 Kw each spindle
Equivalent acoustic continuous pressure Leq = 67,2 dB(A)
Installation measurements 170 x 80 x 200 Cm each 4 spindles
Package dimensions 180 X 90 X 215 Cm each 4 spindles
Peso neto, bruto y volumen 340 Kg 450 Kg 3,5 M3 each 4 spindles


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